I Have TWO Of These Today….

You know you’re excited (and also, lazy) when your husband’s leg grazes your’s in bed and he says, “ahhh, your legs are SO smooth,” and you know you haven’t shaved in a day or two.


You know you’re starting to get old when the people on House Hunters and House Hunters International make you mad. (Come ON, that house had SO MUCH closet space, you know you’ll end up needing it with all of those kids!I wish I had that much space…*grumble*)

Feel free to add your own. 🙂


One thought on “I Have TWO Of These Today….

  1. Amanda says:

    You know you’re a) stuck at home and b) busy when you’re idea of getting ready for the day consists of putting on a tshirt you didn’t sleep in and maybe even brushing your teeth before 3pm.


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