Its The Little Things…

It is your two year old pointing and saying “planet” as you’re reading him his bed time story. It is a nice afternoon nap, cuddled up in your bed. Or maybe a moment to yourself to rock out to Lady Gaga in the car which leaves you thinking, “hey, maybe I’ve still got it…” (yea right…)

Tonight, I’m here to salute a special someone. Special may be WAY to grand a word to use to describe him, but oh well. He is making my life easier, cleaner and a tad more organized when I’m constantly spazzing out about things being chaotic around here.

Here he is, everyone…

Linus The Turtle

I bought him before Clara was born and JUST got around to hanging him up. Which is a tad bit embarassing because it literally took one minute to take the stickies off of the back, fix him where I wanted him and then attach him. But the back adhesive piece got separated from poor Linus, but NOW! he is golden. Ready to go. Piled in Linus are Jerry’s bath time letters and numbers, his Nemo fish along with three other squirty fish that he likes to play with. In the past, I cannot tell you HOW MANY toys got to see my goods EVERY. MORNING. because they were scattered all over the bathtub. NOW…should I decide SPUR OF THE MOMENT to go and soak in a nice bath, there won’t be a million things to remove and put in the sink before running the water.

The "clean" bathtub!

GO LECOMPTE FAMILY!! We will just have to see how long it takes before Jerry pulls Linus off of the wall, as he is extremely excited about his new tub mate. Let us all cross our fingers that this doesn’t happen!!

Oh, here is one more thing that has made me smile in the last 24 hours. Love!


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